Gathering thoughts…

With this site launching primarily to show additional screen shots of our pages, I haven't had a chance to collect my thoughts to share.

They will come... I expect to share more about how we arrived at this system, how we choose between photographic images and words and how we organize the words in Emma's system.

Meanwhile, if there is something specific you have in mind to ask, please do using the contact form here.


Thank you!


If you have a child with different abilities and live a different kind of normal, then I am sure I don't have to explain that life and living comes in ebbs and flows.  When our life allows, I'll be in share mode. When it doesn't, it will be radio silence.

...   Please know if reponses are slow, it is not a personal affront to you or your question, more likely living life upside down on our end. If questions go unanswered for a period of more than two weeks, feel free to send again. Better yet, message us on our Facebook page @seeCVIspeakAAC (link is in bottom bar). Sometimes it is easier to retreive FB messages than to get into the backend of the site.

With love,