The evolution of see CVI speak AAC

When this site was first launched in 2018, we were a little over a year into building out Emma’s AAC.

It started with pictures in opposing corners and quickly progressed to each of the four corners being used. Then use of the center location. And swiping to access words in a grouping beyond the 5 spaces on the screen. Bubbled words were deployed to help in word recognition as Emma was just on the cusp of Phase III and beginning to learn to read those words by site. And the Roman Word Bubbling tool was just a glimmer in our eye, all those bubbles were drawn by hand.

Her functional vision and literacy skills continued to develop, together. Some of her word selection was assisted no doubt by motor memory in knowing which words were on a screen like we know how to drive home without giving it much thought.

As she expanded her use of her talker, her functional vision was increasing too.

Well into high Phase III as of October 2021, gone are ALL the bubbles. There are hundreds of words at Emma’s disposal which are both used by her and modeled by us as we continue to branch out to give her more and more exposure to words.

A fun thing we have noted is now, how she uses videos she loves to tell us things in addition to her talker. It has been wonderful to see how she expands her use of ALL communication methods with people. And how funny she finds it when we verbal speakers catch one of her games. She’s so clever. And ever learning how to engage us in different ways as we work to engage her in ours. The wrinkled-nose giggles that burst out of her when we recognize what she is saying, in any and every way she is saying it, makes the work we pour into this process feel like winning all day long.

And, if connection, laughter and joy are what all of this brings her, and us, then bring it on!

To all of the teachers, therapists, families and individuals working hard for our loved ones with CVI and CCN, I hope you find that laughter and joy along the road too.


Lynn & Emma