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We've been working on building leisure activities. Not easy!

And while this photo isn't the best, this girl is playing a version of shuffleboard our awesome OT brought for us to play.

It's been sitting in our living room for weeks... On the ottoman, on the TV console, on the hearth... all to make it less novel an item.

That's my lazy Mom's way of introducing new, novel things to my girl. I leave them in her environments knowing that there will be brief but frequent encounters with no commitment or stress around them.

Then, when I want to introduce it, it's not this crazy weird thing thrust upon her, but something that's been hanging around without a known purpose.

Enter our first day of shuffleboard play. She picked up the action pretty fast, though understanding the game is going to take some learning.

And, that's okay.

One step at a time.



If you haven't yet, please do.

THIS is what the United States of AMERICA is about!!


Our newest favorite breakfast. πŸ§‡

Someone learned a new word last week and now, it's waffles for breakfast often.

So cool to see her world, by request, expand.

We've started cooking activities this year. Fun to add another one and watch her get excited in the process.


Math... "Aftermath" πŸ˜†

The top is what Emma sees during the math lesson.

The bottom is the chaos behind the curtain. 🀭. All materials out of view.

Keeping out complexity is everything. Doing so gives her access to her lesson, access to learn.

I'm always checking myself. Questioning and checking what the activity looks like from her perspective.

In the midst of the materials and lesson, I realize it's a lot to keep top of mind but it's so so so vital. Especially as the level of difficulty of the task increases.


More good stuff!! Happening today at 2 pm EST! O More good stuff!!

Happening today at 2 pm EST!

Open to any registrant, no membership required.

More good stuff!!

Happening today at 2 pm EST!

Open to any registrant, no membership required.

Who's in???

Looking forward to it!!

Today at 2 pm EST. Replay available after.