Emma’s system, See CVI, Speak AAC, becomes a Clinical Focus in AJSLP!

In 2022, Emma and I had the opportunity to share her talker design with a team from Penn State University’s Communication Science Disorders department. That Zoom meeting led to something incredible: a paper which details the design considerations we implemented in creating Emma’s system, and introduces a framework on how to work with others with CVI who need AAC to create a custom system for them too. AMAZING!

“An Evidence-Based Approach to Augmentative and Alternative Communication Design for Individuals With Cortical Visual Impairment” was published in the American Journal for Speech Language Pathology, online in August and in print in September (0pen Access!).

We have also had the opportunity to present the content of the paper with members of the PSU CSD team in person in San Jose, Pittsburg and Boston as well as online. Since being published, at the time of this writing (January 2024) the paper has been downloaded over 7,800 around the world.

Emma and I continue to work with the team at PSU to develop better access for individuals with CVI and complex bodies. We are in the midst of two different projects now and are so excited to be engaged in moving the field forward. As more information is published on our work, I’ll be sure to share. We are so grateful to those who fully see our children and adults with CVI who need AAC, who recognize that their needs are unique and that there is much work to do in this area.


Lynn & Emma